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We are proud to be a Dometic approved retailer and installer. We can provide the latest equipment in cooling, sanitation, air conditioning, security and much much more and at fantastic prices! We aim to beat any quote so give us a call on 01803 522098 to see what we have on offer.

Air Conditioning:

Maximum efficiency and use of space is achieved by the roof air conditioner. An ingenious system based on nature’s own example: rising, warm air is drawn in and cooled down, while cool air sinks down naturally. The models were designed for most standard roof openings – so normally air conditioners simply replace the existing roof window.

Reversing Systems:

Ready for use anytime cameras that won’t miss a thing

The WAECO PerfectView cameras feature a temperature-controlled heater, which works independently of the system’s operating status. Even after cold nights or on icy winter days the cameras are ready to start shooting right after being switched on – no need for time-consuming warm up.

MagicSpeed Cruise controls:

The MagicSpeed cruise control takes the pressure off the driver on long stretches by automatically keeping the chosen speed constant. This enables you to avoid speeding – safely and conveniently. The vehicle can still accelerate for overtaking.


How do you know if gas from an on-board supply has leaked into your vehicle? Probably only when it is too late … The WAECO MagicSafe MSG 150 gas detector protects you. It reliably detects the presence of narcotic gases in the atmosphere and immediately triggers the alarm: the integrated buzzer emits an audible signal and the red LED flashes. Simultaneously, the output relay is switched on. It can be used to activate external alarm units up to 10 A. You can silence the audible alarm by pressing a button. The same button can be used to start the sensor’s function test. Any system failure will be immediately indicated.

Creating a home?

How do I turn a motorhome into my motorhome? How do I make it the place of my deepest comfort, the place for me to really relax? Most of the time, it’s the simple things that make all the difference. Windows for fresh air and light. An inviting awning, perfect shade, ambience lighting – Dometic makes comfort mobile. And perfects recreational vehicles.

Dometic really does offer everything a motorhomer needs whether you are a beginner or celebrating your 20th year on the road!

For more information or to view the latest catalogue please visit the Dometic Website.

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