When was the last time your vehicle had a Damp Inspection?

We can carry out a full damp inspection report for your vehicle, this will identify any problem areas your vehicle may have.  If dealt with promptly this could incur minimal cost, if left to spread could cost into the thousands.  Damp if not dealt wtih can spread quickly through your vehicle, this is due to how they used to manufacuture most motorhomes.

Until recently most motorhomes were built using a lot of wood material for floors and batons between the outer and inner skin of the vehicle. This once wet will retain moisture and eventually if not dealt with rot. Not only is this hugely detrimental to the health of your vehicle, it can also be very detrimental to your own health. It is a known fact that people should not live/sleep where there are mould spores. The mould spores are of serious concern to those with Asthma or breathing difficulties.

So for peace of mind for you and your vehicle why not let us damp test your vehicle. You will receive a copy of the report for your records, this would also help if you were to consider selling your vehicle and help keep the resale value. If your vehicle is found to have any problem areas, we can provide you with a very competitive quotation. No job too small or too large.

Please contact our Service Department to book an appointment for your FREE Damp Inspection on 01803 522098.

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