Installation Centre for OKO Puncture Control

We will give your tyres a health check, i.e check the tyre pressures, tread depths and for any damage or existing punctures etc. Once we have determined your tyres condition and presuming that they are of a satisfactory standard we will treat your tyres with the most appropriate sealant for your tyres job.

Once your tyres have been treated they will become puncture free and you will not have to contend with a flat tyre again and all the added stress and extra costs and down time that goes with flat tyres, e.g. waiting on the side of the road for a recovery assistance, damaged and irreparable tyres due to running flat, damage to wheel arches. OKO sealants will start working immediately, thus meaning that if there were any punctures present before we treated them they would be repaired immediately and permanently. The sealants will stay in the tyres and remain active for the full duration of the tyres life. Protecting against and repairing punctures the instant they happen. Time and time again, over and over again.
Any tyre on any vehicle can run and be protected with our extensive range of products .

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