New Knaus Motorhomes For Sale

Knaus began building caravans in Jandelsbruun, Germany in 1960. Built to high standards and featuring practical layouts, these brand new 2020 motorhomes are filled with features to ensure you have a memorable trip every time you hit the road.

The new 2020 range of Knaus motorhomes is made up of a number of different layouts including fixed island beds and drop-downs - so there is always space for guests sharing your adventure.

The entire Knaus range features a hailstone resistant GRP roof. They all have a minimum 38mm floor with 31mm walls and roof; StarClass models increase this to 40mm and 33mm. All new Knaus motorhomes, have been fitted with soft furnishings and interior upgrades for 2020, giving top style whilst still maintaining a high level of comfort. 

You can reserve any of the below vehicles for a viewing for FREE. Simply click the reserve button on the vehicle you’d like to see and we’ll confirm your reservation.

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Knaus Boxlife Motorhome

Knaus Boxstar '60' Motorhome

Knaus Sky Way '60' Motorhome

Knaus Sky Motorhome

Knaus Sun I 700 LX Motorhome

Knaus Sun i Motorhome

Knaus Sun Ti Motorhome

Knaus Van TI Motorhome

Knaus Vansation Motorhome

Knaus Motorhomes 2020

The 2020 range of Knaus motorhomes has something to suit every taste, need and budget. For example, the Sun Ti is a winter ready motorhome, perfect for motorhoming in all seasons. The innovative double floor and floor heating system ensures you are kept snug and warm no matter what the weather outside is doing. Or there's the compact VAN I with its efficient construction and panoramic windscreen. With state-of-the-art technology we recommend you check this range out.

For more information call our team now on 01803 522098, or drop us a visit - get directions here.